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Welcome to the starbox® Group, an international group of businesses focused on three key sectors:




starbox® Group investments include asset based lending, private equity, insurance, cash management, corporate advisory, law, sports management, sports events and concierge.

starbox® Group provides a diverse range of best in class services and solutions to clients across the globe: 

a) Our corporate clients include multi-national businesses, family offices and financial institutions. 

b) Our private clients include successful men and women from business, sport and media.

our services

investment fund

Our expertize includes advise clients on originating and executing a wide range of transactions:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Business sales
  • Private equity
  • MBOs and MBIs
  • Fundraising and refinancing
  • Restructuring
  • Valuations
  • General business and strategic advisory

The typical deal size is €5m to €100m across all sectors globally.


SB Marketing Services and SB Analytics, with operating divisions in the specific practices of College Rights, Municipal Rights, Digital Film and TV Rights, Venue and Team Rights and Social Media is a collection of veteran sports and entertainment executives operating on four continents with offices in 35+ cities.

In fact, many of our executives, if not all, have years of documented historical success in the development and acquisition of Contractually. Obligated Income or otherwise commonly stated as commercial rights revenue from several top 100 richiest clubs worldwide and for various domestic and international projects and properties primarily based in the sports and entertainment field.

Put simply, we build commercial rights programs for a collection of quality third party clients from pro teams, colleges, leagues, stadium authorities, entertainment companies and bodies of politic that sell commercial rights based on directed research we do via our proprietary in-house analytics group. Our executive experience base includes EPFL and the largest global sporting events.

We are a "best-practices" professional company pulling into our workforce the very best executives.

Services Provided: 

is the recognized industry leader in the following commercial rights segments:

  • Sports Asset Strategy and Acquisition
  • Sports Platform Strategy and Channel Management
  • Promotional Ideation Activation and Vendor Support
  • Event/On-Site and Field Activation
  • Digital, Media and PR Leveraging
  • Sports and Entertainment Hospitality
  • COI, ROI and Program/Platform Analysis
  • Sponsorship Strategy
  • Property/Media Acquisition
  • Television and Digital Media Consultancy
  • Integrated Program Development and Execution
  • Multi-Channel Vendor Activation
  • Hospitality and Event Management
  • Evaluation/ROI/COI Analysis

 SB Marketing Services is a leader in valuing, soliciting, and negotiating naming rights for an assortment of clients worldwide. SB’s experience and expertise on different levels favorably positions our team to assist in developing the most potential additional revenue for our clients.

has also successfully completed several sub-naming rights deals, where the naming rights to a section of an asset are sold. This type of creativity opens up further streams of revenue by going beyond the traditional naming rights of a main venue and into subsections.


We will create a sales plan that will be followed and managed on a daily basis. Our sales philosophy is to be consultative. We believe that our job is talk to corporations, understand their marketing needs and goals, and then implement a plan, using the assets we have to create marketing solutions. This is much different than just "selling" a product. Rather, this is the process used to develop long-lasting and sustainable corporate partnerships. We feel this brings the highest level of sophistication to each project we handle.


For over a decade SB has played a key role in the growth of the multi-billion dollar advertising & sponsorship industry. Our company’s innovative approach has resulted in increased and improved advertising inventories. Over the years, we have delivered these quality services to numerous clients worldwide.
SB has developed incremental revenues using cutting edge advancements, such as rotational signs, LED video and themed areas, and through our extensive corporate contacts at the local, regional, and national levels. Corporate clients receive a well-rounded and effective program package at a fair price.


SB team members have formed innovative sales strategies and implementation plans/designs for premium seating sales, in numerous arenas & stadiums. Using creative approaches to the sales process, SB has been able to exceed premium seating goals and achieve a high level of success for its premium seating clients.


  • Contract negotiation
  • Legal advice
  • Image rights
  • Commercial contracts, endorsements and boot contracts
  • Post career planning
  • Financial planning, tax structuring and accounting
  • Insurance
  • Events, testimonials, speaking engagements and personal appearances
  • Media training

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